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Swoopy redesign

Filed in: design, meta, Tue, Aug 9 2005 20:31 PT

It’s been a little over a year since I launched the last redesign of this blog, Dragon (codename Magnum). July 25, 2004, to be precise. So I’ve been looking for the time to work on the redesign, and in between hunting for business-forming documents that don’t exist online and other startup chores, I managed to find it.

This is Swoopy. Its principal goals were:

  • Push more of the main content toward the top
  • Restore my logo (known as bestkungfu guy) and signature color (red) to places of prominence
  • Clean up the code
  • Add non-squarish design elements
  • Prove I can get away with pink as a design element

It’s not done, of course. It never is. I still have a few things to add, and a few templates to mix back in. But I like it so far. The way the lines appear visually will fall differently depending on how wide your display is, and that’s by design. In fact, I think that’s my favorite part. It’s a wild card.

If you see something weird, drop me a line and assume that either it’s not implemented yet, or I’m stupid. Fixing the archive links is already on the agenda.

Weekend update

Filed in: meta, Sun, Apr 3 2005 16:04 PT

If you are reading this, congratulations. You have survived the magical transition to a new server for, and so have all of your comments. This blog is now updated to WordPress 1.5, and so is Staccato’s. What this means to me is that my biggest nagging system administration action item is now completed, and I can focus on important new work that I’m likely to tell you about in tomorrow’s episode of Staccato. Teaser: it involves a badass tattoo.

Only one hitch, so far: email migration is lagging. Best to use mattmay at until this passes. (After that, who knows: I may even publish my email address out in the clear. Woohoo!)


Filed in: meta, Tue, Feb 1 2005 00:15 PT

The blog was hit with a relatively major trackback spam attack this evening. Hopefully, things have returned to normal, but if this domain goes dark for a while, it’s safe to assume something like this is why.

Trackback is still disabled for the time being, just in case.

Still alive

Filed in: meta, personal, Mon, Jan 10 2005 00:04 PT

In case anyone was worried, I’m not ignoring you. I’ve just been out having adventures.

This week will consist of a series of essays for the new year, mostly about music, media, technology, and copyright. Not that anyone should expect any different from me, lately. I’ll be doing a video of my podcasting setup for those who have been asking for it. (As soon as I buy a 15-foot FireWire cable, anyway.) And, of course, Staccato episode 6 is on the way. I have no less than a half-dozen luminaries queued up for interviews to start off the new year. Let’s hope my recording setup works, or the interview series is bound to be quite short-lived.

The first thousand is the hardest

Filed in: meta, Sat, Nov 27 2004 23:50 PT

(or, One Thousand Bestkungfu Readers a Day Can’t Be Wrong.)

After several weeks of threatening to do so, I managed to hit a couple milestones over the weekend: the first 1000-unique-visit day, and the first (and second) entry to receive a thousand hits.

You may hereby stop pinging me from hundreds of random IPs daily just to get me to stop my damned whining. I don’t want the tracing those bots back to me. Thanks. 😉

In only mostly unrelated news, people named Matt represented a full third of the Boston WordPress Meetup. We promise not to oversaturate ourselves to this extent in the future. (Photographic evidence: all attendees but one, me scoping out a Nintendo DS)

Comments disabled

Filed in: meta, Fri, Oct 29 2004 08:17 PT

Until comment spam is under control, comments go bye-bye.

Updated 29 Oct: Okay, okay, they’re open again, but with superior spam protection. Thanks to Mark for the pointers.

Note to spammers: I hate you all. Still.

bkf: the dragon redesign

Filed in: design, meta, Sun, Jul 25 2004 19:06 PT

I don’t know what it is about me and blue, but here I am, sacrificing my trademark color again to bring you new flavor.

New features:

  • Bestkungfu Guy is now fully visible, and has changed his uniform from red to white.
  • The color scheme has changed. Which is to say, there is a color scheme now, rather than just red, black and white.
  • I’m going with 1em Georgia for the main font, bumping up from 0.9em.
  • Monthly archives, which nobody really cares about, have been moved off to a side.
  • Keyword archives, which have existed, but were impossible to find together, are now available from the top nav.
  • Links to other blogs are now similarly linked.
  • Surprise! I have a feed, and now you get to see it as it updates.
  • The dragon, which comes from a photo I took of the rooftop of a Shinto shrine in Yokohama, Japan.

Still to do: I’m not sure about the search box yet, but it may end up in the top right-hand corner. I’m going to add lots of links to other blogs. The CSS, of course, requires tweaking. And I’ll be integrating my categories with my blog categories, so you’ll get to see relevant links when browsing categories. Unless there aren’t any, in which case I’ll just post ten links to the fad link of the week or something.

The colors and images may change at my whim, but the structure is probably here to stay. Hope you like it.

Weekend update

Filed in: blogging, meta, personal, Sat, Jun 19 2004 18:38 PT

I finished my 5k in 26:45. Which is reasonably good — a sub-9-minute mile, in fact — though not nearly good enough to challenge the winner, at 15:07.

The hosting move is near completion. I made one more change which is less noticeable: let’s see who’s the first to notice.

Update (22 June 2004): I came in 49th out of 65. Oh well. At least I jump up an age bracket next year. 🙂

Moving locations

Filed in: meta, personal, Wed, Jun 16 2004 23:09 PT

I’m changing hosts. You will probably notice some period of time during which you won’t see anything here. This sucks, and is beyond my control, but I just cut my hosting bill by 75% and got two orders of magnitude more bandwidth than I can use, so one takes the good with the bad. I’ll be back up within 24 hours.

In other news, since you’ve asked, I’ve been keeping busy, which is what explains the almost week-long gap between posts. I got Gentoo Linux running on my desktop machine and my PowerBook G3, and appear to have managed to get MythTV running on top of that. I modded my Xbox to run Xbox Media Center as well, and it’s streaming the video from my desktop. Ultimately, I’d like to migrate from TiVo to MythTV as my main system, but there are a couple of other side projects that come with that. Namely, I need a new hard drive and another modded Xbox to go downstairs. I’d also like to get GentooX running on the Xbox, and maybe retire my old Linux set-top in the process. And it’d be nice to get my digital cable box into the mix before the next season of the Sopranos. But for now, lots of things in my house that didn’t work now do, and that makes me happy.

And I’ve been running. I don’t know why, because I hate running, but I suspect it has something to do with the challenge of keeping a sub-10-minute-mile pace for 30 minutes. I’ll be running in a 5k on Friday evening(!) to validate that my body has actually changed for the better. Already my body fat has dropped by 20%, so I guess I’m on the right track.

This has been your LiveJournal-like update on my life, and consequently, what a geek I am.

Une bétise

Filed in: meta, Sat, Mar 13 2004 16:06 PT

I done a dumb, dumb thing.

If you were looking for my over the last day or so, you may have discovered that my domain, which I’ve had for the last seven years, expired yesterday. This because my contact information was horribly out of date, including my domain. My lovely wife took up the cause, and now is registered for the next ten years. Thanks, Kristen. I fixed my contact info.

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