Logme is a client-side weblog creation tool.

Version 0.1 of Logme should be suitable for bloggers who are comfortable with Python and XML, and willing to experiment a bit. Future versions will be made ever easier, until some point where Logme will just blog for you while you play Doom III.

Latest status (7 January 2004)

I am working on version 0.2 of this application. Most of the functions in the typical blogging APIs have been implemented. Documents are now being parsed internally, rather than depending on an external XSLT engine. Editing of individual entries is supported. Work is continuing on support for Sleepycat DB XML, an XML database, as well as a number of XML and XSLT parsers. But the most important new feature will be a new name, since Logme has been done about a thousand times.

The overarching goal of this system is to have a blogging system that can be installed entirely, or almost entirely, on a client machine, for those users who don't know how to or don't have the permissions to install a blogging app on their Web servers.

The first alpha release of Logme is still available. Logme is released under the W3C Software License.

Logme's features include:

Future versions of Logme are likely to include an optional server component and/or will allow Logme to function as a server itself.

A wish list for future versions:

Mailing list

The Logme mailing list is available for a number of your bug reporting, support and humor needs.